I got tickets via Time Out for a David Bowie immersive experience in a ‘secret location’. I am always weary of immersive experiences, but having never seen Bowie live the prospect of hearing his music played live seemed too good of an opportunity to miss.

The secret location happened to be just down the road from me which made the risk factor of an event I knew nothing about shrink slightly, and when I arrived to see hundreds of lycra clad fans waiting to get in I felt reassured.

The event itself was hardly immersive, a few characters dotted about but it seemed more of a party than an experience, though there was a superb art exhibition and a short film that played on loop. Besides that there was a DJ and a few bars.

However the atmosphere was amazing and in reality everyone else was waiting for the music too.

The band were incredible. There were tears from people who saw Bowie himself live, and everyone danced with joy. It really was something else seeing Bowie’s music performed live and it was very much a tribute to the great artist. 

If you have a chance to see the David Bowie Tribute Band then do because they care about the music, they share it with their heart and their talent, and I was thrilled to get as close to Bowie live as I am ever going to be able to do.


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