There’s No Place Like

There’s No Place Like, written and staring Lilac Yosiphon, is a tour de force of romantic and political drama wrapped around the lives of two people who meet by chance when one is working in a bar, and the other is seeking solace at the bottom of a bottle.

This chance encounter leads one to success, and the other misery. Stalked by fear of deportation Hannah, a singing teacher turned bar maid, takes on the bittersweet role of counsellor and confidant to Jordan, who is reeling from the loss of his job and his mother.

This allegoric tale shows compassion in the face of bureaucracy, and Yosiphon as Hannah, and Sam Elwin as Jordan, captivate and have you beating the drum of hope, desperate to launch them to emotional and romantic success.

Yosiphon wrote and performed this play in her second language. Artistry like that is something that if we allow to be lost from our stages will be a true sadness. For all of our wisdom and imagination, being at the heart of another’s shared experience is something tremendous.

I did see this production at the Arts Theatre in late 2015 and it first appeared in After Nyne magazine, but I am republishing in advance of their run at the Paris Fringe Festival.

Althea Theatre who put on this production at The Arts Theatre in the West End are ones to watch, and that’s why it’s so exciting that they’re appearing at the Paris Fringe Festival this year. This troupe of performers and writers also have a number of productions coming up so check out their website for more details.

Main photo credit: Eva Tapiro



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